After a week of substantial rainfall the river finally got going. Lal lal falls were spectacular as were the Moorabool Falls. Visiting the river at Batesford the next day revealed a silent, muscular river making its way toward the Barwon. These flows have definately provided the scouring action the river has sorley needed. While there was some evidence of overbank flows it wasn't all that widespread.

Below is a series of short clips taken on the 14th and 15th of September. The lens on my phone suffered a wee accident so apologies for the spotty nature of the footage.


After visiting a little over a month ago and seeing only a few drips of water coming down the face of the falls despite reasonable rain it was heartening to find the falls in action.



This had been what we found in late May after a week of showers. Nonexistant flows.



It is a stark reminder of how much water is needed to first fill the onstream dams along the Lal Lal before flows are able to make their way downstream.