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Environmental Water Entitlements
An Environmental Entitlement is a volume of water
held by the environment in perpetuity. The
entitlements are a share of the available resource,
either ‘run-of-river’ flows or inflows in storages
released to meet specific environmental needs. The
primary purpose of environmental water
entitlements is to achieve environmental benefits.
However, the delivery of environmental water for
this purpose is likely to provide other benefits such
as supporting social and cultural values, depending
on the waterway’s condition.

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The Central Region Sustainable Water
Strategy identifies that environmental flows in
the Moorabool River would need to be
enhanced by about 20,000 ML to meet
Environmental Flow requirements. To meet
this shortfall, the Moorabool River would
benefit from increased allocations held in Lal
Lal Reservoir and other storages in the
headwaters of the catchment. Table 4.5 of the
Central Region Sustainable Water Strategy
identifies potential future options to provide
additional water for the Moorabool River. Any
future water recovery would be guided by
further investigations and the Moorabool River
Water Resource Assessment completed in
2003 (SKM, 2003).

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The influence of healthy riparian land on the
condition and health of a waterway are numerous:

• trees provide a supply of organic matter to
waterways, including large wood, which
supports aquatic invertebrates and nutrient
• vegetation on riparian land improves water
quality in waterways, filtering out sediments,
nutrients and pathogens in run-off from a
range of land uses and catchment activities
including agriculture, on-site domestic
wastewater management and urban
development. This protects public, rural and
stock water supplies, improves water quality
for fishing and recreation and helps reduce
algal blooms downstream
• shade from riparian vegetation also helps
regulate water temperature, which is important
to native fish species and helps reduce the
likelihood of algal blooms
• riparian land is also important for the storage
of carbon
• riparian vegetation helps to stabilise stream
banks and reduce erosion.

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Fencing to remove uncontrolled stock
access to waterways and grazing on
riparian zones – policy outlined in the VWMS
states that where such government investment
is applied, the area fenced will aim to be at
least 20 m wide on average from the top of the
bank and must not be narrower than 10 m in
any one place.

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CWS Priority_Waterways






 List Priority Waterways in the Moorabool Catchement (CWS pg 107)


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 Map Priority Waterways in the Moorabool Catchement (CWS pg 108)


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Table 5.19 – Key management activities (CWS Page 109)


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Appendix 1 High Value Waterways