thumb barwon water visitOn Wednesday the 7th of December PALM coordinator Cameron Steele accompanied two Barwon Water members on a tour of the Moorabool River, one from the Water Resources Team the the other their Catchment Officer. 

The river at Batesford Bridge was our first stop. Water was flowing through the second gate at the weir but was still alarmingly low considering the rains we had in the weeks leading up to the day. We then walked to the Belchers Pool. It is always amazing to think of this tranquil setting being so close to the edge of a large city like Geelong.

It was then on to the Stray's place where we were joined by Peter and shown the magnificent river gully at the foot of the family property. Thankfully there were some flows to highlight the beauty of this special spot.

Lunch at a Meredith cafe allowed us to present PALM's position on passing flows and to reinforce just how vital cooperation between the CCMA and Barwon Water had been for getting flows that would benefit the lower Moorabool.

The group then drove down to look at the pool at Cooper's Bridge as earlier plans to visit Steep Point were abandoned due to time constrains.

PALM would like to thank both gentlemen for taking the time to come and experience the Moorabool River, even for just a few hours. Both were suitably impressed. They showed a genuine interest in learning more about the challenges the river faces and hopefully have a better understanding of what PALM is trying to achieve to repair the Moorabool.