On the 31st of January the CCMA presented the proposed annual watering plan for the Moorabool River. The meeting was held in the Meredith Hall and was attended by representatives from both water authorities and community groups.

A representative from the Environmental Water Holder's office was in attendance. The CCMA manages the environmental allocation in Lal Lal on their behalf. 

News that the entitlement was now over 7000ML after being down to around 750ML during last year was welcome news. There was some discussion around timing a January flow to assist short-finned eel migration in early January next year and also around how much water to keep in reserve for following years if there were limited inflows.

PALM would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the CCMA and particularly Saul Vereemen for being proactive in including non-agency groups in the decisions around flows for the Moorabool river. Collaborations like these hopefully mean we get the best result possible for this beautiful but stricken river.

Moorabool River Environmental Flows Meeting 2017