The Corangaminte Catchment Management Authority has approached the community for input into the naming of an upcoming project for the Moorabool River a description of which can be found below

It is our opinion that anything catering for community involvement in decisions within our water authorities at any level should be both encouraged and supported. If you know of others who may be interested in participating then please send them a link to either this page or directly to the polling link. We have included a description of the project which at this time had not been included in the link.

The Corangamite CMA is coordinating a strategic river management framework for planning, communicating and implementing long-term waterway work programs for the Moorabool River. The project aims to bring together community, industry and government partners to achieve a shared vision of a healthy and sustainable Moorabool River through a coordinated approach to on ground works, water for the environment, and other restoration projects. The project will likely be launched in September, and we would like your help in naming the project. We have short listed some options, to vote just click on the following link and tick your favourite.

For the record there has been some discussion within PALM that the Living Moorabool option was a little too close to People for A Living Moorabool and that borrowed legitimacy may have resulted. Ultimately though whatever advances the cause of this river should be embraced and there is no denying the strength of the term Living Moorabool.


Edit: This process is now finished and the project will be available for public viewing soon.