The Miner News Story 29th November 2017


Group photo

Bruce Harwood, Mayor, City of Greater Geelong,Alice Knight, Chair, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority,Jo Plummer, Chair, Barwon Water,Lisa Neville, Victorian Water Minister,Byron Powell, Chair, Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation,Cameron Steele, Coordinator, People for a Living Moorabool and Students from Covenant College Geelong.

On Monday on the banks of the Moorabool River at Batesford near Geelong the Minister for Water, the Hon Lisa Neville MP announced more than $2.1 million waterway investment as part of The Living Moorabool project.

“The Living Moorabool project is improving and protecting the health of the river – and this is the first site being launched as part of a series of waterway projects across the state.” The investment will be delivered in partnership with Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and Barwon Water, and will improve river banks and land surrounding the river though revegetation, weed control, improved water flows and the removal of barriers to allow fish to move freely up the river.

Part of the project is a Discover the Living Moorabool access map which is a mobile-friendly website that went live Monday. The site provides locals and visitors with information to help enjoy the Moorabool River featuring practical visitor information, as well as tips on the best places to fish, learn about cultural heritage or have a BBQ. It also includes impressive drone-captured aerial imagery and details of how the community can get involved in citizen science.

“We know the Moorabool river is a significant place for visitors and locals, and we want to ensure it remains a site that the local community are connected to and can visit and enjoy.” said Minister Neville.

Speaking at the launch Cameron Steele, coordinator for People for A Living Moorabool a group that has long championed a better deal for the Moorabool River, welcomed the news.
“Given a chance this river has the capacity to really capture the imagination as it did for those of us in PALM. It vitally needs more people experiencing what it has to offer and caring about its future. For us this day is about people along with agencies and government working together for a living Moorabool.” He also reinforced the fact that the Moorabool River is arguably the most over-allocated and flow stressed in the state.

The Living Moorabool project directly responds to a community call to action for a healthier Moorabool River. Drinking water for rapidly growing cities of Ballarat and Geelong is supplied from reservoirs on the Moorabool River. The river also sustains life for some of the most endangered plant species in Australia and is a vital habitat corridor for birds, fish and platypus.

The Moorabool River is identified as a priority waterway in both the Corangamite Waterway Strategy and Water for Victoria, the Victorian Government’s water plan.

Through The Living Moorabool project Corangamite CMA will work with Barwon Water, local communities, the Traditional Owners, landholders and local government to achieve a healthier, more vibrant Moorabool River that can sustain a range of values.

Activities to be delivered through the project include river bank and instream protection, removal of fish barriers, ecological research and improved monitoring and reporting.

The Discover the Moorabool mobile-friendly website can be found here: