The Moorabool River must not die.

Victoria’s most flow-stressed river’s very survival faces a threat as great as that confronting Australia’s largest river system – the Murray-Darling.

But, thanks to its friends, the Moorabool is the star of a film that tells you why.

This unassuming but environmentally important river flows from the Wombat Forest near Ballarat to Geelong’s Barwon River.  It supports diverse wildlife, as well as farms, vineyards, tourism and towns.  

“compelling, powerful and utterly beautiful and information rich ….. ”

“the River Moorabool” was made by People for A Living Moorabool (PALM) and Sheoaks Films.  This compelling film explores the consequences of water demands on the Moorabool River, particularly in the face of climate change.  It features interviews with local landowners, scientists, and healthy river advocates.

The film has been already shown to many hundreds of people through the region's Landcare Networks, various water agencies and Councils.

PALM is now making the film available publicly to coincide with the beginning of the consultation period for the Central and Gippsland Region Sustainable Water Strategy, a pivotal document for the river's future. We hope it will assist the broader community understand why the Moorabool River is so threatened and inform those who are intending to make submissions or contribute in other ways though the next 8 weeks.

Thank you.