The first stage in the willow removal at Barwon Water's Bolwarra Wier has been completed.

An extensive willow infestation at the top of the wier has been removed and burnt onsite. Any regrowth with be dealt with over the coming months before further works commencing later in the year.

Funded by Barwon Water's Living Moorabool contribution and overseen by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority the project will see the restoration of native species to the site and the introduction of walkways for the public.


Resized CCMA Bolwarra Feb 2023

Site in Feb 2023 with some of the many willows along the East Moorabool River before it enters the weir.


Resized CCMA Bolwarra May During 1

Chopped willows awaiting burning


Resized CCMA Bolwarra May During 2

Collecting and burning of willows piles


Resized CCMA Bolwarra May 2023

May 2023 - River each now cleared and ready for regeneration


Images courtesy of the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority.

While it may have taken a while it is really refreshing to have Barwon Water stepping up and taking ownership of weed management on sites like these. The willows here would have been contributiing to infestation downstream of the weir for decades.

There will obviously be a need for long term management of the site by Barwon Water have indicted a management plan is being formulated across all their sites, Bolwarra Weir included.

A thank you also goes to the CCMA for project managing the works. It is alway good to see funding directed to making a real difference on the ground.