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The Draft Masterplan for the Moorabool River Reserve in Batesford is now open for public consultation until the 16th of August, 2023.

Council is seeking feedback on the Draft Masterplan from the Batesford community to ensure that the plan meets the needs and aspirations of the community for the reserve.

The Draft Masterplan can be found here https://www.goldenplains.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/2023-07/DRAFT%20Moorabool_River_Reserve_Masterplan_23.pdf

Feedback can be provided via:

      • online by Councils webpage at  goldenplains.vic.gov.au/consultations,
      • at the Community Meeting being held at the Batesford Community Hall (15 Regent Street, Batesford) at 7:30pm on Tuesday 8th August, 2023.

The draft plan contains some strong themes around conservation and passive use which should be applauded. There are some issues which require further discussion particularly around inadequate and inappropriate drainage through the reserve from the Riverstone development.

PALM would like to acknowledge the work of Dale Smithyman, Golden Plains Environment officer, in guiding this process. If the draft is adopted it will hopefully mean the Moorabool River will have the protection of an area encompassing biodiversity, cultural respect and passive use. The Batesford community should also be acknowledged. Places like this rely on the care shown by local communities to really be the best they can be. The survey results of residents show a strong commitment to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the reserve.