PALM is thrilled to pass on the news that Barwon Water has announced it has committed $353,600 to the Moorabool Catchment Restoration Program (MCRP), a vital initiative to improve water quality and riverside vegetation in the Moorabool River catchment.

It will be a collaborative effort between Barwon Water, the Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group, private landholders, and community stakeholders and is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our beloved river and region.

The project has just started as of June 30, 2024, and will run for the next four years. It will implement measures such as “stock exclusion fencing, weed control, pest animal management, and extensive revegetation efforts”. These initiatives are designed to improve water quality, promote the health of riparian vegetation, and hopefully raise community awareness about sustainable land management.

In Barwon Water’s press release Seamus Butcher, Barwon Water’s General Manager of Planning, Delivery, and Environment, highlighted the importance of this initiative in safeguarding and improving the water quality of the Moorabool River.

Better quality water in rivers we used for household supplies, means less chemicals required in treating the water we drink.

Credit goes to the Moorabool Catchment Landcare Group and their Coordinator Jackson Cass, who acknowledged the dedication of the Landcare community in helping to secure the funding. The works will be conducted on private land.

Designed to target previously unfunded tributaries this is indeed great new for the Moorabool River! Well done to all involved.