Moorabool River below Slate Quarry

A fresh Moorabool "Secateur Sunday" has seen another section of a proposed river walk being explored, cleared and mapped near Meredith. There is still a lot of work to be done and the long grass at this time of year makes for a more cautious pace, but working close to a flowing Moorabool was pleasant.

Besides the major problem weed blackberries, gorse and thistles were also tackled. 

A big thank you to Jeff who put in a big day despite suffering from hay fever. The restorative ales of the Meredith pub afterward were certainly welcome.

The aim in this initial stage is to have a walk pegged out that will take the experienced walkers from Coopers Bridge through to Slate Quarry Road.







Unfortunately a dumped car was found pushed over the side of the track at Slate Quarry Road. A message was left for the Meredith police who will hopefully deal with it soon.

Dumped car Slate Quarry