29th July 2018

It was a daunting forecast of strong winds but the rain that had been such a blessing for the river had abated somewhat so a visit was organised. There was only a single other car in the Lal Lal Falls car park and it was hard to hear any water over the wind.


Lal Lal Falls 29July2018


A short walk to the lookout showed the falls were indeed in action and providing a spectacle. They were without the power seen when there has been substantial winter rain, but were no doubt adding to the reservoir, now over 75% full gaining 268ML over the last week. However it is still 10% down on last year's volume.


While there did seem to be some weed control at the reserve the blackberry loads are still substantial.


Salt Crek moss

Despite a few showers we decided to do the walk into the Moorabool Falls. On the way we managed a brief explore up Salt Creek. The moss covering of the granite boulders gave it a fairytale feel but the many bones distributed around indicated plenty of fox activity. 


There are many rock hollows along the creek along with blackberries combined to make it an attractive spot for lairs.


Salt Creek Bones


On the plus side there was an unexpected pool which by the look of the instream vegetation may well be perennial.


Salt Creek Pool





Moorabool Falls 29July2018The Moorabool Falls had a reasonable flow, enough to make us think twice about attempting a crossing to make our way down to Granite Falls. A heavy shower and the late hour ultimately making the decision to turn back this time pretty easy.


It was good to see both falls in action. We still have a while to go for decent rain to replenish environmental water reserves but the likelihood of water over the spillway this winter is not great.